Zuma deluxe games

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  • Zuma online Zuma online

    Discover the adventure of zuma deluxe. In this puzzle game you need to fire off all the balls and stop them to reach the golden skull.

  • Zuma revenge Zuma revenge

    Zuma revenge is a similar puzzle game where you need to discover the secret of zuma with more levels and with a new look.

  • Plants vs Zombies Plants vs Zombies

    Plants vs zombies is a new interesting game that will captivate you. Your job is to protect your brain from the zombies.

  • Zuma Suma Zuma Suma

    Survive the ancient temples of Zuma Suma, the critically acclaimed action-puzzler

  • Zuma Gold Strike Zuma Gold Strike

    Look for gold playing Zuma Gold Strike Online

  • Zuma Blackbeards Island Zuma Blackbeards Island

    Try to survive playing Zuma Blackbeards. Fire your cannon at the cannons balls and match colors to eliminate them before they reach the X"

  • Zuma Inca Zuma Inca

    Discover the ancient civilisation playing Zuma Inca

  • Zuma Dynasty Zuma Dynasty

    Help the dragons to win, playing Zuma Dynasty

  • Zuma Svetlograd Zuma Svetlograd

    Play Zuma Svetlograd with weevils, flowers and other things

  • Zuma Zen Blaster Zuma Zen Blaster

    Zuma Zen Blaster is an easy and entertaining game